While coffee shops have traditionally relied on good coffee flavors and comfortable settings, many contemporary coffee establishments have now embraced unique coffee packaging to enhance the coffee-drinking experience.

KopiKita has handpicked several coffee shops with distinctive packaging as a reference for aspiring coffee shop owners.

Kalyan Coffee

Situated in Barito, Blok M, Kalyan Coffee has garnered a substantial following, particularly among Gen Y and Z. It’s renowned for being one of the most Instagram-worthy coffee spots in town.

What sets it apart is its coffee packaging – repackaged in aluminum cans similar to soft drinks, aimed at minimizing environmental impact through easy recycling.

The distinctive coffee packaging is one of the attractions for visitors.

Beyond its appealing and Instagram-friendly packaging, Kalyan Coffee offers a diverse and delicious range of coffee flavors, all starting at just 35 thousand Rupiah.

Tanatap Coffee Shop

In the ever-intensifying competition among Jakarta’s coffee shops, Tanatap Coffee Shop stands out with its spacious outdoor seating and cool ambiance.

The packaging design is very practical and convenient to take home.

Their packaging design is not only practical but also convenient for taking home. Moreover, Tanatap offers a unique bottle design for their ready-to-drink coffee variants, with eco-friendly and reusable bottles. For just IDR 107,000, you can enjoy a package containing three flavors of Tanatap coffee bottles.

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Anomali Coffee

Anomali Coffee is a prominent name in the Indonesian coffee industry, known for its dedication to authentic Indonesian coffee.

unique coffee packaging
Anomali Coffee Can is suitable to be enjoyed wherever you go.

Anomali Coffee Can is perfect for on-the-go enjoyment. It features sustainable packaging in the form of tin cans that can be continuously recycled without compromising quality.

Stuja Coffee

Stuja Coffee is an eco-conscious coffee shop that reduces plastic usage and opts for environmentally friendly packaging.

For takeaways, Stuja Coffee provides glass bottles in various sizes based on your order. They encourage customers to reuse these glass bottles, not only offering unique packaging for coffee but also contributing to environmental protection by reducing single-use products.

unique coffee packaging
You can use glass bottles to make or order coffee.

Beyond the distinctive packaging, you can also play a part in safeguarding the environment by choosing Stuja Coffee’s offerings.

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