Post-pandemic, working from a coffee shop (WFC) has become one of the new work cultures, in addition to working from home (WFH) and working from anywhere (WFA). Working from a café is not only a way to unwind but can also support work performance.

By working from a cafe, we can enjoy a conducive working atmosphere, supportive facilities, affordable food and drinks, and, most importantly, a fast network connection.

Therefore, to enhance your work performance, check out the five best café recommendations for WFC in Jakarta that offer a series of supporting conditions and facilities.

Ruma Coffeatery

First up is Ruma Coffeatery, located in Blok M. Three words to describe this café are vinyl, vintage, and comfy.

For those of you who are used to working with music, this café can be the right choice because you can also reminisce with a fairly large selection of vinyl collections here.

In addition, the location of Ruma Coffeatery is inside Liberta Hub Blok M.

In addition, Ruma Coffeatery is located inside Liberta Hub Blok M, so even though it’s in the middle of the city, you don’t have to worry about the noise you’d imagine in the middle of Blok M. The lighting, seating, and electrical outlets here are guaranteed.

The food choices here are also diverse, ranging from pastries, pasta, traditional dishes, to rice. The coffee menu spans from Ruma Coffee’s signature items to a selection of non-coffee drinks for those who are in the mood for a coffee break.

Not only in Blok M, Ruma Coffeatery also has locations in Bangka, Kemang, and Cikupa, Bandung.

Twin House Coffee & Kitchen

Our second recommendation is Twin House. One word that is right to describe Twin House is homey because the concept of the building is two houses side by side (as the name of this café suggests). Working from this café will make you feel comfortable, much like the concept of a house in general.

The spacious café area makes you feel free and comfortable.

Apart from the famous Cipete location, Twin House also has branches in Blok M and Bintaro. There are both indoor and outdoor areas, perfect for those of you who prefer to relax. The food and drink menu is also diverse, so you don’t have to worry about your work performance being compromised due to unappetizing food and drinks.

Authentic Coffee

Third, we move to the northern part of Jakarta, where we find Authentic Coffee in Pluit. Two words to describe this café are spacious and classy. For those of you who like a roomy environment but not an open space, Authentic Coffee is the right choice.

Best cafe for wfc
The café consists of two floors with a high roof.

Not only suitable for working alone, but Authentic Coffee can also serve as a meeting place with clients or teammates. The food and beverage menu isn’t extensive, but it might be suitable for those who want to stick to coffee and pastries.

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Dailio Specialty Coffee

This café is not as spacious and luxurious as the previous recommendations, but the simplicity of Dailio Coffee can be attractive for those who prefer a simple and intimate place, both indoors and outdoors.

Best cafe for wfc
Now we head to the eastern part of Jakarta, Dailio Speciality Coffee to be exact.

The food and drinks at Dailio Coffee are also affordable. The prices are suitable for those of you who work in the middle and end of the month but need a boost when the deadline is approaching. It’s also a great place for you to exchange ideas with your millennial coworkers.

Dancing Goat Coffee Co.

The last best café recommendation for WFC is Dancing Goat Coffee Co. in the Puri Indah area, West Jakarta. The best thing about this café is its early opening hours, which start at seven in the morning.

Best cafe for wfc
From the outside, the ambience is very comfy and eye-catching.

If your home connection is unreliable in the morning and you have a morning meeting in West Jakarta, you can head straight to this café. They also offer a hearty breakfast menu to keep you energized until noon.

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