This Panama Gesha coffee has a name reminiscent of Japanese women, who are often associated with white makeup and red lipstick. However, this coffee is actually named ‘gesha’ because it originates from Gesha, a town in western Ethiopia. Coffee beans from Gesha were introduced to Costa Rica in the early 19th century.

Gesha or Geisha?

Panama Gesha coffee has a distinctive characteristic when compared to other coffee beans because it is very expensive. Why is that so? Panama Gesha coffee beans have a quality flavor and are supplied in limited quantities. It also has a diverse flavor profile, making it one of the most popular coffee beans.

Character of Panama Gesha Coffee Beans

Apparently, it’s not only the taste that has a distinctive characteristic, the Gesha coffee beans is also characterized by its long and light shape. Gesha coffee beans have an innate flavor similar to honey and citrus. Panama Gesha coffee beans also have low acidity and are often found in fruit notes such as mandarin orange, papaya, mango, and blueberry.

When tasted, Panama Gesha has an aftertaste similar to bergamot oranges. Beyond its flavor characteristics, when served, Gesha coffee also exudes a unique aroma reminiscent of jasmine flowers. This distinct flavor and character are apparently influenced by the location and cultivation methods of Panama Gesha coffee.

If the method and placement are different, the resulting flavor will also be different. But generally, Panama Gesha notes are fruity and floral, so there is no escaping the fruity flavors and floral fragrances. Gesha coffee plants are developed in some of Panama’s major highlands such as Boquete, Volcan-Candela, and Renacimiento.

The process of drying and roasting Gesha coffee beans is no less unique. The coffee beans will be dried for eight days until they reach the ideal humidity. After reaching the appropriate humidity, the Panama Gesha coffee beans are ready to be roasted to perfection.

Unique Because It’s Hard

It’s not just the unique flavor and character that makes Panama Gesha coffee expensive, but also the growing process. This variety of Gesha coffee plant is apparently quite difficult to grow.

If planted below 1600 meters above sea level, Gesha coffee plants will be susceptible to mold. However, if grown above 2100 meters above sea level, coffee leaves and beans will easily get sunburned. Not only that, the Gesha variety also takes at least eight years to harvest when other varieties can be harvested at the age of four to five years.

The process of harvesting Gesha coffee beans does not necessarily provide a large yield. Therefore, the process and limited quantities make the stock of Gesha coffee not much while the enthusiasts are increasing.

Coffee Beans with a Near Perfect Score

Gesha’s Panama coffee has also gained immense popularity and has been awarded The Best of Panama (BOP) theme created by the Speciality Coffee Association of Panama. In this competition, the best beans from all the plantations in Panama are judged and auctioned off.

The Gesha coffee variety was brought by the Hacienda La Esmeralda estate and is the only estate to feature this variety. Gesha Coffee won the competition and went on to win a similar competition for four consecutive years. The score for this coffee was almost perfect at 90 out of 100 points.

In the auction process, Panama Gesha coffee is also often the winner of the auction with the highest bid. Even the bid for this coffee once touched 130 dollars per pound. The price of Panama Gesha coffee also reaches at least 1.5 million rupiah for 340 grams alone.


It’s no wonder that Panama Gesha coffee is among the most sought-after and expensive coffees. This coffee boasts a unique flavor, dominated by fruity and floral notes. The inherent flavor of this coffee resembles honey complemented by a jasmine aroma. The notes in Panama Gesha coffee can also vary based on the growing process and the terroir.

Not only is the flavor unique, the Panama Gesha coffee variety must also be treated with special care. This variety is only able to grow in plains with a specific altitude. The taste and quality of this coffee also made it a champion in the coffee competition. The greater-than-stock demand also makes this coffee scarce and commands a high price.

Are you also interested in sipping this expensive coffee with a near-perfect score?

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