Jakarta, October 19, 2022

As is known, the Indonesian coffee industry over the past ten years has continued to experience significant growth of 50 percent or 5 percent growth annually.

In fact, according to the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, last year Indonesia’s coffee production reached 795 thousand tons, 94.5 percent of which was supplied by smallholder coffee entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, domestic consumption for coffee commodities in 2021 reached 370 thousand tons or grew 4.5 percent(year on year / yoy). Meanwhile, in terms of exports, in 2021 it was recorded at US$842.5 million or grew 4.1 percent (yoy).

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This good growth is in fact experiencing quite a challenge

What challenges will we face? From the global recession, political issues, the Russia-Ukraine war, to climate change issues, coffee quality will decline.

coffee consumption grows
Coffee Market Outlook 2023 is a collaborative event organized by Kapal Api Global and KopiKita, an app that caters to all community-based coffee-related needs.

These factors are likely to influence the landscape of the coffee industry in 2023. Climate change will greatly affect the quality of coffee worldwide, including in Indonesia.

Moelyono Soesilo stated, “This year, the quality of coffee will experience tremendous challenges due to La Nina . Where the impact is that the quality of the coffee becomes over fermented, due to the high rainfall.”

Moelyono further explained that the decline in quality despite growing coffee consumption was due to La Nina. This impact will affect the amount of annual coffee production. On the other hand, coffee consumption will continue to increase, especially at the local level. Furthermore, he also talked about the trend of the local coffee industry that will return to the pre-pandemic era.

Global Coffee Expert Moelyono Soesilo.

“The coffee industry will experience a recovery like before the pandemic. This condition can be seen from the high flow of community mobility. Which is also accompanied by the function of coffee shops as destinations or new places for people to work and other activities. And this is a good signal for the coffee industry despite the issue of global recession.” Moelyono said in a hybrid webinar, Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

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Coffee Market Outlook 2023: Global Fire Ship X Kopikita

Coffee Market Outlook 2023 is a collaborative event organized by Kapal Api Global X Kopikita. This is the first collaboration between Kapal Api Global and Kopikita, as the two organizations share the same vision and work in the same sector, namely coffee commodities.

This collaborative event is expected to provide Indonesian coffee players with an overview of the latest developments in the coffee ecosystem.

At the first Coffee Market Outlook 2023 event, we took the theme ‘ Challenge and Opportunity ‘. This discussion focused on dissecting economic conditions on a global and national scale. Including what lessons learned were obtained in 2022 and the projected growth of the coffee industry in 2023 starting from commodity prices and supply chains.

Coffee Market Outlook 2023 believes that the coffee business will remain promising in 2023. Coffee businesses need to emphasize that in the current conditions, it is increasingly apparent that the business world is moving towards strengthening the ecosystem in each industry.

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