West Java Province is one of the provinces known for producing the best quality coffee in Indonesia. There are many types of coffee from Pasundan Earth that are enjoyed not only by local connoisseurs, but also abroad.

The high quality of coffee and the number of exports to the international market are supported by the topographic conditions of the highlands in West Java which are very suitable for coffee cultivation. There are six regions in West Java that are famous for producing the best quality coffee that you should know about. Check out the list below.


In addition to being one of the favorite tourism destinations in West Java, Bogor Regency is also the largest producer of Robusta coffee in West Java, with production reaching 4,004 tons per year.

The high production has brought Bogor Regency to the fourth rank of Robusta coffee producers in Indonesia.

Bogor Regent Ade Yasin said coffee plantations in Bogor Regency are spread across five sub-districts, namely Sukamakmur, Megamendung, Pamijahan, Babakan Madang, and Tanjungsari.


The natural beauty offered by Mount Cikuray in Garut also coincides with the production of Arabica coffee beans that are no less delicious than other coffee from West Java.

This coffee, named Cikuray coffee, has a strong woody aroma followed by a sour taste sensation with a thick texture.

You can access Cikuray coffee plantations through hiking trails scattered in several areas at the foot of Mount Cikuray.

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The Ciwidey area of West Java is also the best producer of Arabica coffee in West Java. Bearing the name Ciwidey coffee, this coffee has a unique taste and aroma, including sweetness, floral aroma, and sourness in one sip.

best coffee producing region
Ciwidey coffee at Rich Bean Coffee Bandung.

The unique character of Ciwidey coffee has successfully made this coffee ordered by various world coffee companies, one of which is Nespresso. Quoted from Kompas.com, Ciwidey coffee beans roasted by Nespresso are labeled as Dharkan coffee on the coffee capsule.

Mount Puntang

The coffee plantation at Mount Puntang, Bandung Regency, West Java produces Arabica coffee beans with red bourbon and yellow catura variants.

best coffee producing region
The coffee produced at the plantation is named after its location, Gunung Puntang coffee.

This coffee with a sweet flavor character with caramel notes was included in the Specialty Coffee Association of American Expo in Atlanta, United States in 2016. Until now, Gunung Puntang coffee is still favored by local and international coffee lovers.

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Pangalengan is located about 40 kilometers south of Bandung, and is the birthplace of Java Preanger coffee, which was once the world’s number one Arabica coffee.

The Europeans loved Malabar coffee so much that in those days they called this drink a Cup of Java.

The Dutch brought coffee beans from Malabar, India which were then planted in this area south of Bandung. To this day, the coffee from Pangalengan is named Malabar coffee, which has a strong blend of sweet and sour flavors with a caramel aroma.


This village in the West Bandung region produces Arabica coffee beans under the name Java Cibeber coffee. Because of its specialty, this coffee was invited to the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium to be marketed in the country.

best coffee producing region
Its unique flavor, quality and good processing have made this coffee known to foreign countries.

Java Cibeber coffee is known for its distinctive flavor with a mix of nutty, ripe cherry, floral, toffee, and dark chocolate flavors. The coffee is apparently processed using the honey process method.

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These are the six best coffee-producing regions of West Java. After reading this article, which coffee from which region will you taste?

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