In addition to its status as a commodity enjoyed by many, coffee is also a plant that cannot grow in just any place. The growth of coffee plants is strongly influenced by the surrounding environment, such as climate, rainfall, and the altitude of the plantation area.

Therefore, coffee plants are very suitable to grow in tropical areas such as Indonesia. As a coffee producer with production reaching 8.8 percent of the world’s total coffee production, Indonesia has some of the largest coffee-producing provinces with the best coffee beans.

Curious which provinces are the biggest coffee producers in Indonesia? Check out the list according to Indonesian Coffee Statistics data from the Central Bureau of Statistics in 2020 below!

South Sumatra

Ranking first, South Sumatra was named the largest coffee-producing province in Indonesia with production reaching 198,945 tons in 2020.

Pagaralam coffee, a typical Robusta coffee flavor of South Sumatra.

With a coffee plantation area of 250,172 hectares, the province’s coffee production is dominated by Robusta coffee, where according to the Chairman of the South Sumatra Coffee Board, M Zein Ismed, around 95 percent of coffee plants grown in South Sumatra are Robusta coffee.


Still on the island of Sumatra, the second largest coffee-producing province is Lampung, with production reaching 117,311 tons in 2020.

A wide variety of Lampung coffee products.

Just like South Sumatra, the type of coffee produced by Lampung Province is Robusta coffee which grows at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level.

North Sumatra

The fourth position of the largest coffee-producing province in Indonesia is occupied by North Sumatra. The topography and geographical conditions of this province make the soil very fertile for coffee plants. This is evident with the province’s annual coffee production in 2020 reaching 76,597 tons.

The best coffees from North Sumatra include Sidikalang coffee from the Sidikalang area, Mandheling coffee from Mandailing Natal, and Lintong coffee from Lintong Nihuta.

The types of coffee produced from North Sumatra Province are Arabica and Robusta coffee types with distinctive aromas and flavors.

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Talking about coffee in the Sumatra region, it would be incomplete if we didn’t include Aceh Province in this list, because with an annual coffee production of 73,419 tons, Aceh has successfully reached the fifth position as the largest coffee producer in Indonesia.

the largest coffee producing province in Indonesia
This sour-flavored, light-bodied coffee is a type of Arabica coffee.

You must be familiar with this famous Acehnese coffee, Gayo coffee, which originates from the Gayo region of Aceh.

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Moving slightly to the southwest of Sumatra, Bengkulu is ranked as the sixth largest coffee-producing province in the archipelago. The province, which in colonial times was better known as Bencoolen, produced up to 62,279 tons of coffee in 2020.

the largest coffee producing province in Indonesia
Brewing a cup of Bengkulu specialty coffee, Gading Cempaka coffee.

With vast plantations, coffee from Bengkulu is dominated by Robusta coffee and Arabica coffee. Apart from being enjoyed domestically, coffee products from this province are also exported to foreign countries, such as the Middle East with an amount of up to 19 tons per year 2021.

East Java

We turn to Java because East Java is the sixth largest coffee-producing province in Indonesia. East Java residents should be proud of their local coffee commodity, because in 2020 the province’s coffee production level reached 45,278 tons.

the largest coffee producing province in Indonesia
This coffee has a unique characteristic of a slightly spicy flavor with the aroma of forest flowers. The level of origin is moderate, but tends towards tamarind rather than citrus.

East Java’s famous coffee production is Ijen coffee and Raung coffee from the Arabica type of coffee. This type of coffee is grown in the highlands, precisely in the regions of Jember, Banyuwangi, Lumajang, Situbondo, and Bondowoso.

South Sulawesi

While the six provinces above are in Western Indonesia, the seventh coffee-producing province is South Sulawesi from Central Indonesia. The province with Makassar as its capital city has an annual coffee production of 35,573 tons.

the largest coffee producing province in Indonesia
When you drink a cup of Toraja coffee, you will taste the flavor of spices. This is because coffee is grown alongside spices.

One of the regions in South Sulawesi Province that is known as a producer of Arabica and Robusta coffee is Toraja. Being in a high region with fertile soil types makes the quality of Toraja coffee very unique. The flavor of this coffee is characterized by spices such as cinnamon or cardamom.

As Indonesians, we should be proud of our local coffee production, which is of high quality and recognized worldwide.

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